Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Pomegranate is a fruit seemingly custom made for the Las Vegas palate. The rich red juice, the sensuous pulpy flesh and the ancient tales of mystery and romance that surround the Pomegranate combine to make it a rare and unequalled treat for your palate.

Hades, the God of the Underworld in Greek mythology is said to have seduced Persephone with the delicious fruit. Many believe that the fabled apple in the Garden of Eden was actually a Pomegranate. Needless to say, it's reputation as an aphrodisiac has been steady throughout the centuries.

Pama has taken the Pomegranate and created a delicious liqueur by combining all natural Pomegranate juice, premium Vodka and just a touch of the best Tequila. All over the world in the best clubs and lounges, creative bartenders are capturing the unique taste of Pama in a variety of amazing cocktails. From swinging singles out for a wild Vegas night to the "A-List" celebrities who frequent the most exclusive Ultra Lounges Pama is on everyone's taste buds and lips.

Next time you're out and in the mood for something different, ask your favorite bartender to whip you up a special cocktail made with Pama.

PAMA is available at Lees Liquors throughout Las Vegas.

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