Saturday, June 27, 2009


From his whiny little whinge to the world after being smacked upside his fat head to his calling Miss California Carrie Something Or Other a "Bitch (thereby giving the right wing "Mo haters a victim card), Mario has been a right royal pain in the Gay ass.

And not in the good way.

I'm guessing. I'm a top.


I swear.

After having tormented Black Eyes Peas songstress "Fergie" for years, the portly PR slut had the temerity to get in the face of churlish, strangely named "singer" Will. I. Am. and call him a , get ready, "FAGGOT"!

As if.

Well, the "singers" possibly mentally challenged "manager" then smacked that bitch up like a Pimp at a bus station.

Hilarity has ensued ever since.

Seems Mario doesn't like being smacked and can't understand why GLAAD (Gee Lame Addilpated Antiquated Dinosaurs) wouldn't defend him like they do every time a Gay butterfly farts in Malaysia. AND they had the cojones (nuts) to say that HE should apologize!

Zut alors!

That's French for, "Bitch. Please!"

Now, I could care less about this corpulent cameltoe, but, he recently posted some extremely graphic pics of Dustin Lance Black (Oscar winning boytoy of the Glitterati)in flagrante delicto (he had unsheathed weenie all up in him). Now, Boytoy had not shouldn'ta taken the pics, but, Mario didn't seem to care that he was pushing hard core Bare Back porn on his kiddie site where any 14 yr old girl and her pervie dad could see them.


So, I am sure you will agree with me when I say, "Burn in Modesto, you evil swine!

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