Sunday, October 18, 2009


OK, I am now about to piss off some of my very closest and bestest.


Would you PLEASE put your fucking FancyPhones down when you are being talked to?

Is it too much to ask to have you engage with the rest of the world for , oh, about 15 minutes or so without the latest Facebook updates from your "friend" in Uzbeiolia?

Would it kill you to actually taste that $15 cocktail just laid down in front of you by the person who is now glaring at the top of your head as you bury your face in ,well, NOTHING?

OK, I'm old, but, I do remember , not so very long ago, when my friends and I would go out and hold witty, semi-literate convos about everything from politics to how fat Belinda from The Go Go's had gotten. We managed to do this without making sure somewhere on the other side of town wasn't having having a better time with their $199 idiot box.

Now, I feel like I'm in some virtual social Pinball machine getting bounced back and forth between places I'm not even at.

Let's be honest, it's RUDE. I can only think of two reasons to spend all of your time on a fancy phone or texting away like a Squirrel on Meth. You either have nothing to say, or nothing to add to the conversation.

Either way, why are you taking up a seat?

Btw, If someone wanted to prove me wrong about this epidemic of callous and decidedly boorish behavior, I'll take one in white with a red cover.


nowandthenfashion said...

LMAO! Well put, my friend.

Now - I messed up when I decided to be a 'follower.' I put your 1st name rather than mine, thinking it was like a bookmark or sumthin.'

You CAN teach an ol broad new tricks, but she's bound to muddy it all up in the process. ;-)

Craig Curtis said...

Boorish indeed!