Friday, August 20, 2010


Need a place to chill on the weekends that has an adult vibe that is a good mix of straight and Gay?

Wanna lay back in comfy couchettes while you scope the talent wandering through a multi-level, upscale environment?

Do't you want to kick it a club with hip Muzak where you can still hold a convo without texting your target, uh, I mean, "new friend"?

Ever wonder why Gay clubs don't have pole dancing?

You have.

You know you have.

I know the place that will fulfill all your needs and add a few you didn't know you had.

It's called SECRET.

In the former lair of the Velvet Lion, SECRET is a large club set up on multiple levels where every couch and table is a good one. The deep chocolates and shimmering golds make everyone look a tad better.




I swear.

In addition to being a beautiful spot to have a night out with the homies and homettes, SECRET is full of an attractive (and rare in Vegas), diverse staff who treat each person like they actually want you there.

Don't know what you want? Have one of the friendly bar staff whip up a concoction based on your fave flaves.

I did.

You should.

Tonight is Le Opening Grand.

That's French for, "Bitch, get your high heel sneakers and your wig hat, cause we goin' out!"

So, come out and see what the buzz is all about.

But, remember, it's SECRET.


SECRET Boutique & Cabaret 3750 S Valley View Las Vegas
Open Thurs thru Sat nights regularly 10-5am

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