Monday, November 22, 2010


Some people are summer types who wear the tight, deep V-necks from American Apparel and skinny jeans in My Little Pony colors.

I hate those skinny bitches.


I swear.

I, being of a more “Rubenesque” build, prefer the luxury of layering through the Fall Fashion season. This fall there are some great menswear collections and ways of tying together your look from high end to low end. Your budget (or, lack thereof.) is no longer a reason for one to not be stylish.

In addition to the fab collections, there are some truly horrid looks that simply must be stopped before I end up on “8News Now” for attacking people at The Fashion Show Mall.

Who wants that?


I ask.


Let’s start with a look at some of my fave brands this season.

First up is PRADA.

Let’s be honest, for far too long, PRADA tried to make everyone into an early 70’s Stewardess. It was funny. For two seasons. Then it got rather trite. This year PRADA has matured with Hair Cut 100 Sweaters under Camel Hair coats with luxurious Fleece lapels. Camel and Navy are the colors that manage a midway point between “too classic and too edgy” to enable the collection to be worn for more than one season without looking “last year”. Red and Yellow make none too subtle, yet, non-cartoony appearances as well in everything from big plaids to sturdy Macintoshes. For those of you who think of black as an everyday thing, check out the shiny leather driving coats with lush knit collars in the accompanying video, it’s a “MUST HAVE”!

Jeans now have movement instead of clinging to you like Saran Wrap on Iggy Pop. Adult,not, Mommy Jeans! Woo Hoo! “The newest thing in fashion today are clothes that you can wear and that real and sophisticated people can understand”, says Prada’s namesake designer Miuccia.

With Belted Cardigans and sleek Black pants leading the collection, methinks Miuccia has hit the proverbial nail squarely on the noggin.

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