Sunday, February 20, 2011


Welcome to The Juke Joint.

Understand that this is like being at your Grandmas house.

Everything is made to order and it will take 20-30 minutes to get your food and something will probably be forgotten. There are only plastic forks and Styrofoam dinnerware.

If you are a snob, you're screwed.

I broke up with a guy because all he did was complain the entire time he was here about how "Ghetto" it was. The Juke Joint is not "Ghetto", it's like a real Southern Place that you find on a road trip and can't wait to get back to.

The decor is really cute and quaint with Kente Cloth colors and photos of Black heroes sprinkled about the place. Even the bathroom is charming with commandments and funny sayings sprinkled about.

The Cornish Hen with two sides is my fave here, but, it's only on Sundays and will probably be gone by the time you get here. If it's available, get it with Greens and Yams.

My other jammy jam is the Smothered Chicken (also includes two sides). I rock that with Black Eyed Peas and Mac & Cheese. The Mac & Cheese is GOOEY! Yes! I always just act a pig up in here and order the Yams as an extra as well.

The Gumbo is hella good, but, the portion is tiny (because it's SO good) and you really want two or three bowls.

Other than the food what's the best part about the Juke Joint? The prices! The specials are in the $10.95 range and the Gumbo is around $6. Three of us ate full meals with doggy bags and it came to less than $45!

Wash it all down with some Koolaid (Red) and The Juke Joint will be your joint for authentic Soul Food.

2362 Lexington Street, Las Vegas, NV 89106-2206
(702) 647-4411 ‎

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