Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MACAYO: Mexican food for those who hate Mexican food

Ok. Let me just start out by saying that this is a great Mexican Food Restaurant. If you loathe Mexican food. Best thing about eating lunch here? It was out of me less than two hours later! Explosively. Really. I swear. My bud had a 2 for 1 coupon and asked me to join him to talk biz ,so, being cheap, fat and hungry, I said, "sure'. I knew where the place was ( who hasn't bought street drugs at some point in their lives? Don't judge me!) and made it there only to enter 1981 Mexico. The "decor" is barely that. Some frescoes of someone's idea of Mexico could have used a Silkwood shower and the tables looked like ,well, nothing. The first bad sign? Stale, tasteless chips and some sort of salsa juice. WTF? I mean this set up was so bad even my friend (who will eat anything.) only finished 1/4 of them. The menu is very typical White suburbia version of Mexican "Combinacciones Platos". I was actually in the mood for that. It's like you know it's not real Mexican food but you love it anyway. And then I made a mistake that would cause our waitress, Surlyrella, to decide that she and I were NOT going to be Freunden. Not. "You know what? I'll have a cheese taco as well as my Enchiladas", I gamely said to the looming rock of hate. "CHEESE TACO?', she hissed. We stared at each other like two mean Wildebeest about to go all Wild Kingdom on each other. Being Gay, I was not about to back down. "It's a TACO WITH CHEESE", I looked her gaze right back at her now beady steely eyes. "Hmph", she shot back in a way that said, "screw you and your mother for letting you down the birth canal!" So. The "food" came. As did the next twenty minutes of my choking down some of the blandest globs of cheese, rice and beans that I have endured since Swanson decided to take on the Mexican TV tray market. It came, but it didn't went fast enough for me. Fast forward to me back at work breaking my cardinal rule, "No number 2 at the office!' Explosively. Oh yeah. That cheese taco? A hard shell with some cheese shoved in with that nasty from the bag shredded lettuce you get on clearance at Food For Less. Despicable. I hate this place and strongly suggest you eat at , well, anywhere other than here. MACAYO 1741 E Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89104 Neighborhood: Downtown (702) 382-5605

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