Monday, January 17, 2011


PACO ALVAREZ (Because he can say "Museologist" and mean it)
HELENA BONHAM CARTER (Because she just doesn't give a bloody fuck)
EDUARDO CORDOVA (No one is nicer)
NATHANIEL PHILLIPS (The Activist Wears H&M and has written the new Vegas anthem)
KYLIE KARDASHIAN (Expanding the brand)
THE SITUATION (Have YOU turned your abs and bad haircuts into $$$?)
KELLY MCFARLANE-SMITH (She's a classy dame)
NAOMI AT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HQ (One day I'll need her to put a cigarette out on someone for me)
CHRISTINE KRAMER (Date nights in Vegas don't get any better)
ANGELA ESLER-WHELAN (She doesn't have to. But. She does)
MICHAEL CORNTHWAITE (Uh, when did he get all hot?)
PAZ DE LA HUERTA (Because she returned a borrowed gown and seriously doesn't know how it got torn)
ADRIENNE MALOOF (Does she already have a Gay? I'm SO available)
WES MYLES (The OG Bitchez)

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