Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ok, The Vegas Style Guy may have been a fashion victim during the 80's.

But. Who wasn't?

I spent many an afternoon on Camden Drive at a little shop where all the clothes reminded you why you were alive and living in Cali.

Camp Beverly Hills was THE place for expensive casual T's and way cool Sweatshirts. As we bopped on American Bandstand, we kept the sweat out of our eyes with Camp Beverly Hills Sweatbands. Why I even cut all of my CBH shirts up Kaja Goo Goo style after seeing Limahl do the same.

Well, Camp Beverly Hills is back. Even though Rabbit Convertibles and Fiorucci are now long gone, you, or your grandkids can now order up a sweatshirt or a T and get out your shears and go all Limahl on your CBH wear.

Everything old is new again.

Where is my Haircut 100 album?

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