Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As usual, we have a packed show!

The brand new Chairman of Stonewall Democrats, Michael Mitchell will be on board to talk about what the latest thinking is on the relationship between Stonewall and The Democratic Party.

Cathy Marino-Thomas will be with us to talk about the sad news from New York regarding Marriage Equality being voted down yet again.

Jen Dugan is going to tell us about her national equality project, "Love Takes Over."

Party girl, journalist, Debbie Hall will give us the latest on the glam City Center happenings as it begins opening up for all to see.

Jonathan Leach,creator of the original Hanky Code iTunes App. will be giving us a little trip in the wayback machine to the time when a mans' hanky told you more than whether or not he had a cold.

And one of our faves is returning! Mary Jo Butuaffuaco will be bringing her buds, Stu Tendler and Jason Keenan to talk about "Too Hotties" in Henderson, the coolest new place for a guy to get a cut!

And don't forget, we're doing our "how long before XS calls Derek back about 30 VIP guest! Don't hold your breath on that one.


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