Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Okay, as of now, stop calling City Center a "game changer".

The only thing that's going to change this game is the economy. Just like no one President can be expected to fix the sad mess our economy is in overnight, no one complex of buildings can be expected to "save the Universe".

What you can call City Center is stunning.

No doubts at all about that superlative.


Being a fan of architecture, I am thrilled that we here in Vegas finally have a set of world class buildings that don't look like a fake somewhere else. They are modern in a way that we won't be sick of in ten years. They are sleek, yet, not at all impersonal. Each building has it's own personality and "vibe".

Today Moi checked out the first tower to open, Vdara. I will be honest, I love the place, but, I didn't feel anything "Vegas" about it.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

VDara is a world class luxury hotel and spa that fulfills exactly what you expect it to.

If you don't expect it to change the world.

The exterior is a sleek and terribly chic curved tower designed by famed architect, Rafael Viñoly. It overlooks a double decker traffic circle and an amazing sculpture,"Big Edge", by Nancy Rubins. This gravity defying work is composed of dozens of small sea craft held together by steel wires, imagination and I have no idea what else. It is visually arresting and did exactly what art is supposed to do, it got people talking.

The uber friendly staff (the most diverse I've ever seen in a property in Las Vegas, which others would do well to take note of.) led us into a very modern (but, not at all cold), soaring space full of art and shapes both sharp and fluid.

By the way, if you are ever offered a Beignet at Vdara, grab three!


One of the first spots you notice is "Silk Road". This new restaurant looks to be the place where we finally have an L.A. or Miami type of hip place for breakfast. I am a huge fan of "Simon's" at Palms Place and I think that "Silk Road" will be giving it a run for the money amongst the Tres Hip morning set.

Who? Me?


At night the organic looking space will turn into a cool little Boite.

That's French for, "I finally have a place to wear Alexander McQueen".


I swear.

I peaked into the Spa and will tell you more about in a fuller post later this evening, but, I can already tell it's where I want my "mani's" from now on. They even have vegan nail polish for you fingernail chewers on a diet.

I assume.

One of the ways that I judge a property is by what you don't really need to be "top shelf". That is to say, serviceable things such as the elevator. Most Las Vegas elevators have garish posters advertising whatever they're pushing in the showroom. Vdara has elevators that are gorgeous to elevate in while taking pictures of oneself.


Don't you?



Well, I must run off and try to get invited to The Fab Vanity Fair Party later this evening (surely my invite was lost in Le Poste. Surely).

I will be back with a slide show and more on Vdara.

Now who's behind do I have to kiss around here to get into that party?

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