Monday, November 23, 2009


I admit it.

I will right now.

I lust for a hot Douche in an Ed Hardy Bedazzled T-Shirt. You know the type. He hangs out at pool parties with his "Brahs" leering at future strippers from Tampa while drinking Adios MuthaFuckas in the sun till he pukes on your Air Kobes ( or whatever those people wear). He's hot, but, you know after he splooges he's gonna fart and fall asleep.

I love him.

So do you.

Admit it.

And what does a Douche wear when he's hitting T.I. (the Ultimate Douche Hotel)?


Since Ashton Kutchner first wore that Ed Hardy Trucker hat, the Hardy line has become the Chanel for the Douche set. If you're a Douche and you don't have an Ed Hardy Bedazzled T, well, who are you Brah? I don't know you anymore.

My faves are the Bedazzled board shorts that hang oh so low on a hot white boys' flat ass.


They also have shoes and various other accessories.

I wouldn't know.

Ed Hardy, your fashion Douchestination!

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