Monday, November 23, 2009


J-Faux, WTF?

I just don't understand what happened here. Your single, "Expensive Shoes" , or, whatever it was called, was bad enough, BUT THIS?

Honey, I think it's time for Jenny to take another trip to the block and find out what goes on off of Singer Island.

You know, the real world?

How can you have like ten years off and then come back with this crap? If you didn't have anything new that was worthwhile, just pull a Janet, do a greatest hits in time for Christmas.

Don't embarrass yourself like this.

Btw, singing about expensive shoes shows that you still wish you were with Puffy. If I was that Preying Mantis you married, we would be having a serious talk right about now. Phantoms and trips down Rodeo just aint in no mo' Gurlfriend.

G-5's have been replaced by Jet Blue.

Sorry J-Faux, the 90's are over.

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