Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sondre Lerche sings modern pop songs that have the freshness of a crisp morning in his native Norway. You may know him from his soundtrack work on "Dan In Real Life" in 2007. I'm not a fan of the flick, I'm a big fan of Sondre.

How could you not be a fan of someone who recently got to open for his fave band ever, AHA? Even though had pretty much already written his first album by 1999, the wunderkind had to wait until he finished his high school education before his first real album, "Faces Down", in 2002. This was the full length follow up to his acclaimed EP, "You Know So Well", released in 2001.

Winner of the "Best New Act" at The Norwegian Grammys, Sondre has been performing since he was sneaking into clubs with his sister at age 14. His music is a masterful blend of influences such as Jazz, Bossa Nova, Psychdelic and 60's Pop.

Check out Sondre Lerche, he may just end up being your Sunday afternoon fave.

He already is mine.

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