Monday, November 23, 2009


When I think of Vegas Style Guys, I think of the suave and smooth crooners. Dean, Frank, Sammy and Peter Lawford are my idea of Men with style. The way they wore a suit made the ladies swoon a-roon roon and the gents all rush out to Bullocks to get the latest in sharksin, skinny suits.

That old Vegas look is a class act that never goes out of style. It's clean and simple, yet, tres elegante.

That's French for, SLAMMIN'!

Whether you're hitting a steakhouse on the Strip or alighting from your Caddy with tonight's arm candy, you can rest assured that you'll be aces in a suit if Deano would have worn it.

The newest member of the Vegas Style Pack is Matt Goss.

Matt Goss?

Who is this Matt Goss I speak of?

Remember those way hot UK twins from the 80's, "Bros"? They gave us such jams as, "When Will I Be Famous" and "I Owe You Nothing".

Well, Matt was a Bro.

Turns out Matt wasn't just a pretty boy who looked good in torn jeans. He is actually an extremely talented singer and performer. He's currently packing them in at The Palms on a long term gig. While virtually unknown here in the states, Goss is known as "The Voice" worldwide, Matt has sold millions of albums with "Bros" and as a solo artist. Las Vegas is where Matt hopes to establish himself on this side of the pond as a star of major talent and potential.

In addition to soothing the aural canals with his smooth "blue eyed" soul, Matt is one the most stylish men in Las Vegas. He's fast becoming known for his dapper, well cut suits and Sinatra-esque fedoras. Matt exhibits a sleek and modern style that pays homage to the past in a way that is still modern and fresh. Hopefully, the guys who go to see his shows will come away with a need to buy his CD AND they'll have a clue on how a guy should be dressing for a night out on the town in Las Vegas these days.

Matt Goss is in residence at The Palms on the weekends.

Check out Matt Goss at The Palms Hotel & Casino
4321 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103

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